Jayden Jaymes gets fucked by the law


Description: The country is under martial law. With the new powers in place the authorities are more ruthless than ever. Cracking down on everyone and everything, no exception. Jayden was about to turn a trick in an alley when one of these cops showed up, gun raised, asking to see Jayden’s license to prostitute. She had no such thing, and the process to get one is too long and she needs money now. She pretends like she’s looking for it underneath a mattress nearby. Quickly, she throws it at the cop and tells the unlucky, horny client to run. They take off in opposite directions and Jayden finds a spot to hide where hopefully she won’t be found. The cop finds her nonetheless but before he can take her in, a stormtroopers arrives with a machine gun, sending the cop running. Things just went from bad to worse as these stormtroopers are the right hand of Colonel Praiser himself, the man who started all this. She tells him that she lost her license but the stormtrooper is willing to work out a deal. Jayden knows that she has no other choice. She’ll have to work this cock or suffer a fate much worse at the mercy of the state. She pulls out his cock and is pleasantly surprised at how big it is. Jayden starts sucking it, using her hands to play with his balls. Then he grabs her by the head and makes her deepthroat his cock, gagging on it as it reaches the back of her throat. She sits on the stormtrooper’s cock and rides it hard and fast. Moaning as she bounces up and down and gets her big tits sucked on. Then he bends her over and fucks her doggy style and he gets so turned on when Jayden starts to fuck him back. He lays her on her side and fucks her deep as he squeezes her tits. She begs for his cum and he pulls out his cock and gives her a cumshot all over her stomach. He then tells her that she’ll be receiving payment for this as well and not just a warning. Looks like the law isn’t so bad after all.

Published: Jun 3, 2016

Tags: cop , deepthroat , gagging , milf , stormtrooper , pornstar , pov allstars , stormtrooper , jayden jaymes , big tits

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