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Description: Fiona is a very pretty yet shy teen who’s slowly breaking out of her shell. She meets a few friends for dinner at her favorite restaurant across town to discuss a school project that everyone’s having problems figuring out exactly how to get it correct. The group quickly solves the issue and switch the topic to a photoshoot that Fiona is doing after the dinner in order to help her break the shyness shell and explore new horizons. Her friends ask her details on the photoshoot which turns out to be super lame, so they try to convince her to do something extreme and spontaneous. The young girl is reluctant to agree with the group however after hours of listening to their ideas, she noticed time has passed and decided to leave just to make sure she’s on time for the shoot. She goes home and changes her clothes to something more comfortable then jets out to the meetup destination not far from her apartment. Once she arrives, the conversation with her friends is still running through her head, and waiting on the photographer is making boredom set in so she starts getting undressed while sitting on public steps beginning with her shoes, next removing her jacket and exposing her pretty perky natural tits. She changes into an exotic dress. Fiona feels free and decides to take off her panties as the photographer shows up and starts taking pictures asap. Her newly found braveness is really just the freak that was hidden deep down inside of her, blowing kisses at the cameraman, lifting and bending her legs, showing her bare round perfect ass outdoors in public as she smiles and pulls her tits out for all to see. Fiona takes it a step further and exposes her tight pussy, hoping any cock near her will penetrate her horny pussy.

Published: Jun 6, 2016

Tags: naked , public , fiona , ftv girls , teen , nudity , flashing

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