Spoiled teen schoolgirl fucks her brother's best friend


Description: Presley has always had a huge crush on Xander, her brother's best friend. What a pleasant surprise for her to wake up in the morning and find him sitting on the living room couch. It turns out Xander and her brother had a wild time last night and there was no way Xander was driving home. Her brother was still passed out and was more than likely not going to wake up for at least a couple more hours. She asks Xander if he could help her move around some furniture in her room. Xander is immediately uncomfortable with this and Presley counters with an attitude, telling him it's not a big deal and he shouldn't act so hostile. Xander says fine if it helps calm her down and they go upstairs to her room. Once they're there, Presley grabs Xander by his shirt and pulls him in close and tells him that she's been wanting to fuck him for so long. Xander becomes a nervous wreck and explains that he can't just fuck his best friend's sister. It doesn't matter that she's finally turned 18 years old. Presley wraps her leg around him and rubs her pussy against his hard cock and that was enough for Xander to throw her on her bed and rip open her shirt to suck on her tiny tits. He lifts up her skirt and moves her panties to one side to lick her pussy. Presley can't believe this is happening, she's wanted this for so long. Then she returns the favor by pulling out his big dick. First she strokes it with one hand and plays with his balls with the other. Then like a good little schoolgirl, she asks for permission to suck his cock. The second after Xander says yes, her lips are wrapped around it. She can barely get it down her throat and Xander helps her make as much of it disappear down her throat before she starts choking. Then she sits on his cock and rides it forward and backward. Then Xander puts her on her hands and knees and fucks her doggy style before laying her on her back and giving a couple more thrusts before his cock explodes inside her pussy and the cum drips out.

Published: Jun 6, 2016

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