Marsha May plays sex games with stepdad for money


Description: Marsha's stepdad was about to start playing a game of pool and she took this opportunity that they were alone to ask him for money. He was reluctant to give her anything but then Marsha had the idea to make a game out of it. For every shot she makes she gets five dollars. For every shot her stepdad makes, she has to take off an article of clothing. Her stepdad was hesitant, she was his stepdaughter after all but Marsha didn't see what the big deal was. It's not like they're related by blood. They're just having some harmless fun. Her stepdad agrees and as the game starts Marsha does make a couple shots in but her luck runs out quick when it's her stepdad's turn and he runs the table. She's taking off article after article until she's completely naked, showing that tight teen body and big tits. Game over and she walked away with only ten dollars. Marsha can't leave with just that. So she proposes another game, for the rest of the money she'll fuck his brains out. She drops to her knees and takes down her stepdad's pants and starts sucking his cock. As she deepthroats it, his dick gets bigger and bigger in her mouth until she gags. Then he grabs her by her pretty blonde hair and face fucks her until tears are rolling down her face and she's gasping for air. She sits on top of the pool table to get her pussy eaten and she moans with pleasure as her tears dry on her face. Not being able to wait any longer, her stepdad starts fucking her right there on the pool table and she squeals the tiny girl she is as her tight pussy is stretched over and over. Then he brings her over to the couch and has her ride his cock before fucking her missionary style to watch her tits bounce back and forth. She screams as she cums multiple times and then begs for his hot load all over her face. He puts her on her knees and cums all over her face and hair and she sucks his cock dry.

Published: Jun 6, 2016

Tags: team skeet , deepthroat , gagging , stepdad , old vs young , stepdaughter , teen , big tits , marsha may , younger older

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