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Description: Brian's girlfriend Nicole was out of town for a few days visiting her family and he missed her like crazy. While she was gone he cleaned up his apartment, lit a few candles, and made reservations at her favorite restaurant. When she finally arrived he picked her up at the airport and took her back to his place. Apparently she missed him a lot too on the way back home she gave him a blowjob in the car. He forgot all about his dinner plans when they got back to his apartment, all he wanted was to make love with her. They started making out on the couch and he slowly undressed her while feeling all over her body. He gently kissed from her tits down to her pussy as he took her skirt off. In a matter of moments he had her naked with her legs spread on the couch with his face buried in her pussy. She clenched the armrest as he licked her clit. When she was nice and wet he slid his erect penis inside her and fucked her passionately. She pushed him off and down to the ground. She wanted to be in control so she rode him reverse cowgirl. From that position she could control the rhythm and depth. This naughty babe would speed up and get him close to cumming then slow down just to tease him.

Published: Jun 6, 2016

Tags: x sensual , nicole , brian , teen

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