Latina girlfriend makes a sex tape with boyfriend


Description: Stephanie was so excited that her boyfriend came home early. He was surprised to see a camera set up in their bedroom and his girlfriend tells him that she wants him to fuck her and record it. She just recently got into videography and the thought of being able to watch videos of herself getting fucked really turns her on. Stephanie has the camera facing the dresser and has her boyfriend fuck her doggy style as she's bent over it. She smiles at the camera as the act begins but as it continues her boyfriend just keeps fucking her harder and faster. She starts to moan louder and louder and looks at the camera almost as if she's pleading for help. He makes her cum and her legs shake as she has her orgasm. Then her boyfriend makes her lay down on the dresser and holds her legs up in the air and continues to pummel her. He's nowhere near finished with her and continues to thrust as her tits bounce back and forth. She looks at the camera and smiles knowing that this sex tape will come out better than she had imagined. Her boyfriend is about to cum and Stephanie gets on her knees to receive his hot load on her face. She licks her lips in anticipation, watching him stroke his big dick up and down knowing that at any moment it'll explode. He shoots his load across her face and it drips down onto her tits as she smiles at the camera. Her boyfriend was so turned on by the experience and wants to make another video later that night. She can't wait to play it back and watch the magic they created.

Published: Jun 7, 2016

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