Issa fucks her stepdad's brother to get back at him


Description: Issa is a huge troublemaker, whether it be with family, school, boys and anything in between. She was living with her aunt but she became such a handful that her aunt could no longer deal with her and sent her packing back to her stepdad. His brother Tom was visiting and since her stepdad had to go to work, he left Tom in charge to make sure Issa didn't do anything crazy. Issa starts to flirt with her stepuncle, telling him that she saw him checking her out when she was taking a shower this morning. Startled, Tom didn't know what to say. She tells him she liked it and pulls her tits out of her dress. His eyes go wide and he looks over his shoulder to make sure his brother was gone. Then he lays her on her back and lifts up her dress and starts licking her pussy. Issa moans and shakes, screaming her uncle's name as his tongue goes deep inside her. Once she cums, she pulls down his pants and returns the favor by sucking his cock. It grows in her mouth and she sucks it like an expert. He starts fingering her as she does it, spanking her ass from time to time. When Tom's dick is nice and hard she sits on it and starts riding it, moving her hips in a gyrating motion to maximize her uncle's pleasure. Then Issa gets her 18 year old pussy pounded from behind before her uncle comes inside her. The next day once they're alone again, Tom corners Issa in the kitchen and puts her on the kitchen counter so he can eat her ass. Then he fucks her doggy style and this time makes sure to cum on her ass. As he's dropping his fat load, Issa's stepdad walks in and catches them in the act. Looks like Issa can't catch a break.

Published: Jun 7, 2016

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