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Description: Raven Hart just returned home from a date with her high school sweetheart. They never fooled around while they were in school but now they have been spending a lot of time together and he not pressuring her but the urge to have sex is burning stronger and stronger. Tonight was a special night. He took her to some fancy French restaurant, then they star gazed for a while near the mountains. They sat under the stars in silence and just enjoyed the moment. When he dropped her off he gave her the usual kiss and started to leave but tonight felt different. She reached for his hand and pulled him back. She told him she was ready, tonight is the night! He's been waiting years for this moment, he’s dreamt about it every night since they started dating freshman year. He wasted no time taking her dress off and exploring her body. Raven felt his throbbing dick in her hands. After giving it a few strokes she got on her knees and sucked it. She climbed onto the bed but before she could turn around he grabbed her by the waist and thrusted his dick inside her. She clutched the sheets as orgasmic bliss pulsated through her body. When she got on top he could see the tan lines left on her body from their morning at the beach

Published: Jun 7, 2016

Tags: petite , latina , petite 18 , teen , raven hart

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