Husband forced to watch cuckold sex on his anniversary


Description: Norah goes to pick up her husband at work so they can celebrate their anniversary. James lost track of time and wasn’t ready to go, he went to the bathroom to freshen up before they leave. She sat in his chair so she could check her social media page. She noticed he was typing a response to a very long email from a woman she’s never meet. He was telling this stranger how his wife doesn’t like to have sex and if she does it's boring missionary only. If he thinks their sex life is boring Norah is going to spice it up. She called her ex boyfriend Dane to meet her at the office. When James returned from the bathroom she told him she wanted to tie him up and fuck him in his office, nobody else was there, who would know. He was hesitant but he went along with it. Norah had to entertain him until Dane arrive so she flashed her panties and gave him a lap dance. James's cock was going to burst through his pants when Dane arrived. He was confused why her ex was there but she explains she going to fuck him because of the email exchange with the other woman. Since he thinks his wife is boring she going to show him something exciting. She sucked and fucked Dane in a chair within arms reach of James but since he’s duct taped to the shelf he’s helpless to do anything.

Published: Jun 7, 2016

Tags: cuckold , make him cuckold , james , pierced nipples , norah , dane , pierced tits

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