E.R Doctor fucks his patient in hospital bed


Description: Doctor cum dropper had a long day in the hospital E.R. He had an extremely busy day making sure he’s saving as many people as he can which takes a toll on him, falling asleep in a hospital bed after his last patient goes home. A patient named Catalina walks in and wakes him up complaining to him about his lack of professionalism, sleeping on the job and not handling his doctor duties. The chick wants to be a nurse but is changing her mind due to today’s visit. Doc tells the sexy blonde patient how hard is to be a doctor but she doesn’t agree with him so he takes his uniform off and gives it to her and switches roles with the hot-headed whore. The lesson turns for the better once the Dr. gets a look at her ass, and he can’t resist to throw her on the bed and munch on her tight wet pussy. Catalina didn’t expect this hard dick super drilling in the hospital bed but she’s loving every minute of it. Her pussy gets punished with rough pounding making sure he leaves her with full satisfaction, with her pulverized pussy juicing and pulsating for weeks to come. Catalina wants the Doctor to make house visits while she takes her nursing classes so she can work side by side her favorite Doctor, so he can fuck her wet horny pussy all the time.

Published: Jun 7, 2016

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