Girlfriend Cleopatra Rios fucks in Thai Jungle


Description: Cleopatra Rios fucks and sucks her boyfriend on vacation in Thailand in the forest. My girlfriend is the best. Out of the blue, she says she’s got tickets for Thailand and screw everything, we’re going on a vacation. She had already packed our bags and everything. Next thing you know I’m in a paradise I never knew I even wanted to visit. The food was so delicious. The natives were very friendly, probably because while we look American, we are not. So no John Wayne superiority attitudes toward the native savages - lol. We went snorkeling, fishing, visited some ancient temples, and spent a bunch of time just lazily strolling through the open air markets where you buy everything from fish to fragrances. We were tired by the fifth day and decided to take it easy. We took a trail off into the woods and I brought along my camera just intending to film whatever. Cleopatra had some better ideas, though. All the walking around had made her horny and since we were in the middle of nowhere in a jungle no less, she was down to go off the path a little and find a private spot for us to copulate, or fuck as you America’s like to say. We started fooling around and Cleopatra started sucking my cock in a way we had never tried before, with me over top with my cock dangling down. I wasn’t a big fan, but we had fun trying it out. Cleo got me nice and hard and moved her bikini bottoms to the side and we just started going at it right there in the jungle. I think some locals might have been watching, but I didn’t mind and Cleo was too busy getting fucked to really notice. Note to my fellow travelers who like to fuck outside, bring lots of bug spray.

Published: Jun 8, 2016

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