Stranded teen gets tied up and fucked to tears


Description: Joseline went on a camping trip with her friends and they abandoned her. She is not familiar with the area and without a phone she has no choice but to walk and hope for the best. As the sun rises in the sky, so does the temperature and Joseline begins to grow desperate. She spots a white van in the distance and flags it down, pleading with the driver once he rolls down his window to give her a ride. The driver, Bruno, tells her to get in and she starts to tell him her story. He can't believe she has no money, no phone, and no idea where she is let alone where her friends are. This opportunity is too good to pass up. He's never picked up a stranded girl with this many disadvantages so he knew he could cut right to the chase. He'll help her out if she can help him in return. She's unsure what he's asking but the more he insinuates she starts to realize that she's going to have to do what he wants to get home. She takes her tits out for him and he starts to squeeze them while he taunts her. Calling her whore and slut and making her say it too. When he tells her to take off her shorts, she gets nervous and he slaps her across the face and takes them off himself. He ties her hands together and drags her into the back of his van. He starts playing with her pussy and making her moan. Then he pulls out his cock and makes her choke it down. Gagging with every thrust he makes as he fucks her face. Now he's ready for her teen pussy. It's too much for her to handle at once and she starts to cry with a look of pain on her face as he goes balls deep with his big cock and fucks her rough. She squirms as he makes her cum over and over, saying "Yes" and "It feels so good" as tears stream down her face. He fucks her in a couple more positions before grabbing her by the hair and cumming on her face.

Published: Jun 8, 2016

Tags: bondage , rough , joseline kelly , petite , fetish wealth bdsm , public , humiliation , outdoors , 18 years old , teen , bdsm , 18 teen

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