Naughty latina fucks museum security guard


Description: Veronica is vacationing in New York and her wallet was stolen. She has no money and nowhere to sleep for the night. She went inside a museum to try and get warm. The guard walked past her several times to notify her they were closing and to head to the nearest exit. She didn’t want to go back outside in the snow so she had a bright idea to pretend to be a mannequin. The only problem is the guard will recognize her clothes. She stripped down and posed near some of the other pieces of art. The plan almost worked one of the guards was arguing with his girlfriend on the phone so he wasn’t really looking around but the other guard has worked at this museum for a decade so he knows every inch of the place like the back of his hand. He waited for the other guard to leave before going back to his hot latin stowaway. He asked her what she was doing in the museum after hours and naked. She broke down and told him how horrible her day was and that she had nowhere else to go. Being the nice guy he is he allowed her to stay at his apartment and gave her something to eat. She was so overwhelmed by his generosity so she sucked his dick on the couch. She didn’t stop there--she hopped on his dick and rode it. Just as he was about to cum she got on her knees and opened her mouth wide so he could shoot all of his cum in her mouth.

Published: Jun 8, 2016

Tags: facial , cumshot , latina , dafgs , real latina exposed

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