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Description: It's midnight, motherfuckers. I gotta wake up in 6 hours to wash my ass and go to work. I should be sleeping, but I ain't. You know what I am doing instead? Watching god damn porn while my cats stalk a lizard that is behind a bookcase. That fucking lizard has been driving them (and me) crazy all week, but I digress. Times have been stressful, and when shit gets crazy, there is only one thing to do: jack off. And this Latin squirting video is going to be my ticket to relaxation tonight. Won't you join in on the fun? (Don't worry, it is not gay if we don't look each other in the eyes. Or at least that is what my priest used to say.) The video starts off with some Hispanic honey pulling down her thong. Her big round ass is pointed straight at her webcam and it looks amazeballs. She stands up and turns around to reveal her entire slutty outfit. She is wearing white stockings, a white spaghetti strap shirt with stripes, and a white bra. She is also donning some jewelry in the form of some Chongalicious hoop earrings, and--gasp--a wedding band. Holy shit, this chick is married! What will her husband think!? Oh, like I really give a fuck haha. She finishes taking off her panties and removes her bra to reveal some decent sized tetas that appear to be all natural. Her nipples are a light brown, and her pussy lips kind of have a similar hue. Now let's talk about this fat pussy right here. It is shaved and lovely with just the right amount of meat on it--not too little, not too much. She aggressively finger bangs her chocha until it starts getting wet and juicy. She sloshes around some more and moans in ecstasy while the squirting begins. Pussy juice flows freely through that love tunnel like a river in the spring. She makes her self cum and licks her fingers when it is all said and done.

Published: Jun 9, 2016

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