Cam Model Puts 1 in the Pink and 1 in the Stink


Description: This all American fake blonde webcam model was feeling a little naughty. She has been a bad girl today and is fantasizing about having two men at once. She is laying on her bed, wearing a skimpy little outfit that includes a small pink top, some sexy black panties, and tube socks. I don't know what it is about big socks, but they do the trick for me. I guess it is because they sort of make chicks look nerdy, I dunno. Both of this cam girl's nipples are pierced and so is her belly button. (And in the interest of being thorough, so are her ears.) You already know this chick is a freak. Her jewelry is a little tacky and distracting, like she bought them at a Claire's store from the mall, but I ain't about to start complaining. Nope, I am going to sit here with my dick in my hand and finish this description. Moving on... She takes off her top and her underwear. Her pussy is well-groomed with a little bit of hair on it. She quickly jams a blue, double-headed vibrator in her pussy and ass. She loves to be double penetrated, apparently. And she also loves to talk. She narrarates the entire video and attempts to do some dirty talk in between sensual moans. She says things like: "I want you to feel every inch of me, baby." "DP really gets me off." By the end of the video, she is going wild on her pussy and makes herself cum by also stimulating her clit. That's the secret right there, the good old clit. When all is said and done, she gets up and promises us we can lick her pussy next time. Well, I think I am going to hold her to that. Until next time, friends!

Published: Jun 9, 2016

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