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Description: Sara has been a cheerleader with her best friend, Chastity, for almost all four years of high school. They have one final game they will be cheering at and Sara needed a ride so Chastity's mom, Amber, was happy to pick her up and take her to her place so the girls can leave together in the morning. When Amber and Sara arrive the house is dark and and after calling out to Chasity or her sister, Sheri, they realize they're home alone. It turns out Chastity and Sheri were out buying things they needed for the trip and they would be back within the hour. Amber takes Sara to the guest room and they both start talking about how excited Sara is to be able to go to this game but also a bit sad because she and Chasity will be graduating soon. As Amber is helping Sara pack, she gives her some panties and tells Sara to try them on to make sure that they fit right. Sara agrees and waits for Amber to leave the room but she doesn't. Amber tells her not to worry and that she has nothing she hasn't seen before. Even so, Sara doesn't like getting naked in front of other girls so she carefully takes off her panties to try on her new ones without showing anything to Amber's hungry eyes. Amber starts to talk to her about female sexuality and if she's ever been curious about being with another girl. The thought never crossed Sara's mind but Amber keeps persisting. Sara starts to notice that her friend's mom is really touchy, putting her hands on her legs and touching her hair. Amber says that when girls go to college they experiment with each other all that time. It's perfectly natural. Amber kisses Sara, and Sara is shocked and nervous. She knows they shouldn't be doing this, yet she lets Amber put her mouth all over her. Next thing she knows they're both completely naked and licking each other's pussies. Amber makes Sara's teen pussy cum multiple times and teaches Sara how to return the favor. Now she's ready for college.

Published: Jun 9, 2016

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