Solo Nikki Blake in pantyhose from Pantyhose Creep


Description: Nikki Blake falls for the modeling scam and ends up making a solo masturbation video for Panty Hose Creep. Our rich business owner from Private Casting X is a busy and horny motherfucker. He can’t change his tricks, though. Today he’s going after one of his more unique fetishes, pantyhose. He spots Nikki Blake walking in downtown (Miami perhaps) and he starts with the normal lying spiel. Instead of being a casting director, today it’s a photographer. He’s got a studio right around the corner and he’s scouting for some big name companies, he tells Nikki Blake. Nikki, looking like she just turned eighteen yesterday, probably just turned eighteen the other day because she fell for that “I can make you famous” bullshit right quick and she was in Tony’s apartment showing the Panty Hose Creep camera how great her ass looks in her pantyhose. Nikki is clearly gullible to a certain degree because she’s naked except for the pantyhose in no time without getting paid beforehand. Should have shown up at one of his casting calls Nikki, those at least pay up front. Tony tries desperately to convince Nikki to fuck him, but she flat out calls him a creep and says creeps don’t get access to fucking her pussy. Apparently creeps can film the little blonde girl while she masturbates, though. Nikki uses her fingers with her blue painted fingernails to rub and pleasure her clit while Tony continues to beg for access, but Nikki just keeps denying. Out comes a big fleshy dildo which Nikki uses to tease the fuck out of Tony by using it to fuck her wet pussy while he watches. All it does is make Tony want it more while Nikki teases him over. Nikki is at least loving it as evidenced by all the cum that leaks out of her pussy.

Published: Jun 10, 2016

Tags: masturbate , nikki blake , masturbating , vaginal fingering , tease , pantyhose , toys , pantyhose creep , solo , pantyhose creep , fingering

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