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Description: Tony and Bruno are headed to chill-out on the beach but want to stop to get food somewhere more cost friendly before they reach there. A chick named Alana walks their way and asks if they can help her with a few bucks cause she's broke and hasn't eaten anything for a while due to her boyfriend leaving her stranded for almost two days. The guys invite her back to their place so she can take a shower and use the phone. This beautiful Texan is thankful someone came to her rescue and ask the guys to take a shower . They put a hidden camera in the bathroom right before she enters the bath to get a look at her body. They bust in while she's drying off and tells her they set up a camera to watch her. She's sort of pissed off until the guys remind her that she needs their help and tell her she needs to do some favors for them and call her a slut while smacking her ass. Alan jumps on the cock as her pussy pops and queefs, bouncing on the hard pole as her ass gets smacked. She wanted some dick the whole time, admitting that she's a slut that likes getting her pussy drilled by multiple random guys. Alana tells the guys she's only 18 years old and all she can think about is getting fucked all day. She loves her face getting dick smacked before she sucks cock and likes loads all on her face even more than a dick smacking. This devious little whore was watching them the whole time and planned this cock pounding from the very beginning.

Published: Jun 10, 2016

Tags: hidden camera , tony , dirty flix , alana , alana , homless , hotel , disgrace that bitch , bruno

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