Missing woman engages in Lesbian lick fest


Description: A woman named Karla Kush is presumed missing and a breaking news story came on with her husband pleading for her safe return. Clues have been carelessly left at the locations of the last known sightings of these women that point to a certain organization, blamed with stealing the straight women. Riley and her girlfriend Karla have evaded the sight of AWAL officials, and take every chance they can to reaffirm their lesbian relationship. Riley is consumed by the news story, attempting to hide it even from the one she loves most. Karla decides to makes a move on Riley because she can barely resist any longer, taking the given moment to prove her lesbian love for her dear girlfriend. They make out, sharing their lesbian love, before asserting themselves physically, in the forbidden sexual way, taunting the law with every suck at one another's soft, pink pussies, and their warm wet mouths. Tribbing brings them to orgasm, but they don't finish there. Their lesbian lust for one another fueled by fear in the media has them devouring not only one another's mouths, but their sopping wet hungry lesbian pussies, until they finish their lesbian tryst with some hardcore fingering and pussy eating, rendering them drunk with love, and rebellion against the law.

Published: Jun 10, 2016

Tags: lesbian , riley reid , girlsway , missing person , missing person , breaking news , karla kush

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