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Description: I was in love with Sadie the moment she walked into the room. She had on this cute pink tank top that looked like something a cheerleader would throw on after practice. Now I’m thinking about Sadie in a cheerleader outfit. Maybe next time we meet I can make that happen. So Sadie comes in and, right away, it’s questions. These girls always have questions. Why are there lights, why are you filming, why are we in a bedroom? Jeezus! Because I’m gonna offer you chance to make a porno for money, silly girl. Sadie gets a bit dumbstruck when I explain this to her and it doesn’t seem to be real for her until she touches it. (The wad of cash, that is.) There’s just something about a large stack of bills that gets young girls like Sadie to consider new possibilities in their lives. Try it sometime. You don’t need to buy the girls flowers and jewelry, just offer them cash to suck cock on camera. Notice here how Sadie just goes to town sucking my cock. That’s worth the $1,000 I paid her, easy. I keep recording as I bend that little tatted slut over the bed and start to plow away doggystyle. I’m going to get my money's worth, Sadie, and the fans at home are going to love the video of me sticking it in you POV style. Sadie gets on top and starts riding and I feel like I’m getting a bargain now. That pussy is really fucking good, wet as a kiddie pool. Even when I slide back in on missionary position, that little pussy is wet and ready to go. That cunt looks so pretty when it’s shaved. Sadie starts begging for it harder and I know I’m getting everything I paid for and more. That little slut keeps rubbing her clit as I fuck her and it is glorious. I should probably give this girl double for how good the sex was. I’m definitely going to call about some cheerleading opportunities.

Published: Jun 13, 2016

Tags: pov , point of view , private casting x , sadie pop

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