Teen model humiliated and fucked to get a job


Description: Lizzie Bell, a bubbly teen from Kentucky, comes to Teen Castings with the hopes of becoming the next big thing. Lizzie's from a small town, and girls from small towns always work harder than anyone else to achieve their goals. The agent gives Lizzie her chance to earn his respect, but she won't take anything off, so he can see what she looks like. The 19 year old dreamer doesn’t want to take her clothes off but she really needs the job, she removes her items, looking shy and embarrassed, not willing to take off her bra and panties. Lizzie reaches for her bra strap but hesitates on removing her top for the casting director so he sits her down and has a heart to heart conversation with her, trying to convince her using terms on money and threating her chance at this position. His talk seems to be working. She's begging for another chance as he gets closer to the young model and asks her to take her top off again. This time she complies and calls him daddy. Lizzie says she's willing to do anything it takes and puts her hand on his cock. The master ties her hands with rope and slaps her face until she comes around to his way of thinking and finally strips down. Humiliation and pain are very effective coaching tools and usually puts the girls at ease. Giving a deep throat blowjob also helps girls to relax, especially teen girls, and Lizzie can barely take the master's huge cock in her throat without choking. She works hard at it,and gets that hog all the way down. The master decides to switch it up and spanks her naked pussy with the dirty sole of his dress shoe to get her ready for a deep four-finger penetration, and he finger fucks her until she squirts all over the casting couch. A hot fuck finale takes it all the way to the money shot. Lizzie takes a huge load on her face and leaves it there all the way through the post-fuck interview. We got a freshly made sex slave here.

Published: Jun 12, 2016

Tags: bondage , rough sex , model , brytal casting , casting , fetish wealth , lizzie bell , teen , brytal casting

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