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Description: A very rich man finds an ad in the newspaper for an escort service and decides to give them a call. Jenny answers the phone and tells the guy the terms of the service and asks him the type of girl he's looking for. Merina shows up, he immediately asks to see her ass but unfortunately it wasn’t what he wanted, so he gave her a tip to leave and grabbed the phone to call the escort service back. Jenny promised him someone will be there within the hour and she's very classy and beautiful but once again he doesn’t think her ass is big enough for him, so he tips her and thanks her for her time. Yet another call to the agency explaining why he sent her back and asks for yet another girl to be sent to his home. This blonde bombshell is very curvy but his butt check doesn’t check out, and once again he tips her and sends her back. Jenny answers the phone in disbelief of how picky he is. He asks her does she have a top girl and says he will pay anything she wants so Jenny gets a thought to just go there herself. When he opens the door, he's completely floored by her stunning beauty and his ass test gets passed with flying colors. He searched high and low for a girl with some curves now he's worshipping her huge round ass. She jumps on the bed and shakes her ass, he dives in head first, tongue-fucking her ass hole as she grabs his head, begging him to keep sticking his tongue in her. The picky client turns her over and licks her pussy. He even lets her taste her own cum right before fingering the shaved wet cunt. He pulls his cock out, and she's amazed by the size and starts sucking his dick with passion. Jenny takes a deep breath before he stuffs his cock in her tight pussy and fucks her better than she's ever been fucked before. A super splashdown load ends their experience but not before he pulverizes her asshole.

Published: Jun 12, 2016

Tags: big ass , jenny hendrix , extreme asses , reality kings

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