Secretary waits for her boss in lingerie on Daring Sex


Description: Taylor Sands has been seeing her boss for almost six months now and she’s planning to ride his dick all night. She leaves work early and heads to his apartment to gets things set up. She lights candles all over and dims the lights to set the atmosphere. She purchased a brand new lace lingerie set with the matching stockings from the most expensive shop in town. When Max Deeds arrive she was in the hallway playing with her pussy. He dropped all of his things in the doorway and walked over to her. He pulled her closer and circled her a few times to get a good look at her lingerie. He was very impressed with what she put together. He bound her hands and dragged her into the living room. Max sucked on her left breast while massaging her ass. While he was feasting on her body she unzipped his pants and took his dick out. He sat down and gestured with his finger for her to come over and blow him. After getting his dick sucked she hopped on top and pulled her thong to the side so she could ride him. Next he got on top and pounded her sweet pussy so hard the couch moved several feet across the wooden floor

Published: Jun 11, 2016

Tags: sensual , max deeds , stockings , daring sex , taylor sands

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