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Description: Jenny and Alexis noticed they had a strong attraction for each other during gym class. They were always the last ones out of the locker rooms so they could watch the other girls change. Today they skipped school to experiment with each other. Jenny snuck around to Alexis's backyard and threw pebbles up at her bedroom window. She looked down and saw Jenny flashing her tits. Once she was inside they went to Alexis's bedroom. Jenny always knew she was into girls but Alexis was still on the fence. Jenny was determined to make her a full-on lesbian. She didn’t waste anytime and quickly undressed Alexis and started eating her pussy from behind. She knew she was hitting the right spot when Alexis reach back to bury her face deeper in her snatch. After making her cum several times, Jenny laid on the bed and told Alexis to come taste her sweet pussy. Alexis started with a few quick licks on Jenny’s clit. She’s licked her own pussy juice off her fingers while masturbating but Jenny actually tasted really good. Next she plowed her tongue deep inside Jennys pussy, she had to bite down on a pillow to keep from screaming when she orgasmed.

Published: Jun 11, 2016

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