Teen fucks older boyfriend when parents leave


Description: Shae Snow tries to be a good girl but all she can think about is her boyfriend, Johnny Sins, and his huge dick. She can never concentrate on anything for very long and plans her whole week around when she'll be able to get her pussy wrecked by him. She loves being dominated and she knows that's what Johnny likes so it's a perfect match. She'll never tell her friends that she's fucking an older guy, they'll think she's a whore. But if she had to be a whore it would be Johnny's whore, the other girls wouldn't understand. Johnny's only fucking her, she knows it in her heart. Her parents are leaving town for the weekend and Shae is excited because this would be the perfect time for him to come over. She's never had him inside her house before. Once her parents leave Shae calls Johnny and he tells her to wait for him on her bed playing with her pussy with her ass in the air, and he'll be right over. She does as she told and she pulls down her jeans and gets on her hands and knees and starts rubbing her clit. Johnny comes in to her room excited to see her ready for him. He sits down next to her and gives each ass cheek a couple spanks before licking her asshole. He switches between her asshole and her pussy. Shae gets so wet that she begs Johnny to pull out his dick and let her suck it. She wraps her lips around it as his cock gets hard in her mouth. Choking her as his shaft gets longer and longer. She tries to deepthroat it while looking up at him with her big green eyes. Then Johnny flips her over and lifts her legs up in the air to pound her pussy. He goes slowly at first as he stretches out her pussy and then goes faster and faster. Then he fucks her in a couple more positions before he puts her on her hands and knees to take a cumshot to the face.

Published: Jun 13, 2016

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