Stepbrother and stepsister get matched on dating app


Description: Natalia is a smoking hot blonde that has lost her earrings and is trying to find them in the living room, which is distracting her stepbrother from watching the big game. He can't help but notice her big fat ass in tight jean shorts as she bends over looking under the couch, the table, etc. While she's distracted he looks at her phone and sees that she's on that new dating app. She sees him on her phone and snatches it away. Too little too late as her stepbrother goes on his own phone and finds her profile. He can't believe the pictures that she's been posting for every guy within a 30 mile radius to see. She's showing her tits and she's even showing her pussy. That dirty little whore! He decides to swipe her picture so she'll know that he wants that ass of hers. Up in her room, Natalia gets the notification on her phone and she's surprisingly shocked to find herself responding to his message. Then he sends a picture of his huge dick and her eyes go wide. Then she lifts up her shirt and sends him a picture of her tits. He knows that they have two hours before their parents get home and Natalia laughs. She's going to go downstairs and see if he can walk the walk or he's just talking the talk. She sits on his lap and lets him suck on her tits and makes him promise to not tell their parents. She can feel his cock getting hard through his pants and he admits that he's been wanting to fuck her since the moment he laid eyes on her. She asks him to take out his cock and she starts sucking it right there in the living room. Then he fucks her on the couch missionary style before having her ride him cowgirl until she cums all over his dick. Then she gets fucked in a couple more positions until he puts her on her knees and gives her a titty fuck that makes him cum all over her face and tits.

Published: Jun 13, 2016

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