Back Room Casting Couch audition with Serenity


Description: Serenity is currently a live nude model at an art school. The job is like stripping but without the loud bass pumping music, or enthusiasm, or big booty requirements that seem to be in vogue nowadays. Still it’s a pretty cool job and given she’s not 40 plus years old with a tampon string hanging out her vagina, she’d have been a lot better than the models I had to draw in college when I bothered to show up drunk to drawing classes. Serenity isn’t the biggest of kink lovers, but she’s open to trying new things, which is great to say when you want to audition for porn, but the reality kick when you’re standing there naked with four big dicked black dudes is another thing. Serenity tries to masturbate on camera, but we’ve seen dying fish more around more. That’s reality kicking in Serenity, get used to it happening. Be glad it wasn’t during a bukakke gangbang where you’re freaking out is costing someone money. Serenity tries taking the Back Room Casting Couch’s stud in her ass but she has a hard time taking it at first, despite the fact the guy is clearly super lubed up and ready to go. That’s a genuine reaction to her butt hole being fucked you see on video. You can’t fake that Jerry! After Serenity makes the adjustments of having a new cock inserted into her ass, she takes to that cock being in deep in there just fine. See folks, everything is better if you just relax and let things settle and it’s true that works well when it comes to a butt fuck as well. Nothing screams future porn stardom like quickly adapting to a cock in your ass while bent over a deck in a nondescript office environment. Maybe you’ll have a career here Serenity.

Published: Jun 14, 2016

Tags: serenity , anal , back room casting couch , casting , serenity

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