Sucking off an old man by a teen on Daddies and Darlings


Description: Old man Chester takes a blowjob in exchange for payment from Anna. Old man Chester wasn’t always old. In his youth he was a virile young man who could pick up girls left and right and if he wasn’t fucking he was doing all he could to set up getting laid. Now he’s just a harmless old man who lives down the block from me. At least that’s the image he portrays. Now the truth of the matter is Chester is still doing all he can to get with young chicks. He runs a small time bicycle fixing business from inside his garage. Sure it seems quaint, but really it’s just a front to get all the girls with bicycles in the neighborhood to come by. Anna lives a few doors down from me. She’s a good kid. Her dad and I bank at the same place and maybe I fucked her mother back in college one night when she was drunk, but that’s not important. What is important that Chester is back up to his old tricks when Anna comes by to get her bike. Chester tries to get a free peak and he’s not disappointed when he sees Anna didn’t wear panties on this day. Chester takes this is an open invite to grab her ass. Anna stands up for herself, but when Anna mistakes Chester’s kindness as a weakness, Chester ain’t having that shit and gets all M.O.B (that’s money over bitches for those who don’t know) but Anna doesn’t have any. Where could she keep it in that outfit? So Chester gets all pimp hand strong and tells her to suck his cock. Anna thinks Chester is playing around, but despite being an old man, Chester don’t play that weak shit. Chester pulls down his pants, whips out his cock, and tells that bitch to pay for the bike repairs with her mouth. Anna hesitates, but Chester keeps the pimp game strong and Anna, like most weak-willed women, does as she is told. Anna spends the rest of the video on her knees, paying for the bike repair.

Published: Jun 14, 2016

Tags: blow job , anna , blowjob , daddies and darlings , old vs young , teen

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