Baking Pizza with Topless Webcam Models MukBang


Description: We've got two enthusiastic brunettes on webcam that are streaming from Playboy Live. They're very spontaneous and open for anything! Both of them love to laugh and are 'live for the moment' type of girls. Today they wanted to share their cooking skills by baking some pizzas live on cam while interacting with the viewers in their online chatrooms. So welcome to Audrina and Havoc's Pizzeria! Right off the bat, you can tell these two girls are under the influence of something. Hard to say what exactly, but I'm going to guess they smoked some "Mary Jane" before starting the show. They're really happy and they've got the munches! Which is some of the side effects of smoking weed. Not sure if they have a culinary background, but I hope they've got a fire extinguisher for precautionary purposes because we don't want another Sugar Brown's "oh, Lord Jesus, it's a fire!" cause we all know "ain't nobody got time for that." They state that's they're weren't going to use any flour, instead they were using biscuit dough. Before proceeding, they wanted to turn up the heat in the kitchen by removing their bra's. Now we've got a topless pizzeria! Woohoo! Both of their tits are natural, not too small or too big either, they're nice and perky. After slapping each others tits with some flour they went back to following instructions. Using an aluminum baking pan, she squeezed some oil and spread it her friends so the pizza would get stuck. Then they made small biscuits and placed them on her their nipples and continued to add ingredients. Starting with tomato sauce, then adding a variety of shredded cheese, and finished with some powered garlic. They repeated this process until they had a full tray of what they're calling "body pizza." After placing the tray into the oven that was set 400 degrees, they danced and giggled till it was all baked and ready to devour. Hopefully you had as much fun watching as they did baking, till next time you pizza lovers!

Published: Jun 14, 2016

Tags: pizza , mukbang , muk bang , mukbang , muk bang , camster , cooking , webcam

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