Teen gets stepdad to help her fall asleep


Description: Rene is always so horny and decides to use a vibrator to help satisfy her urges. When her parents are asleep she turns it on and starts using it. First she just presses it against her pussy to feel the vibration. She closes her eyes as she get lost in the moment of pleasure she's been craving. As she sticks it inside her she starts to moan loudly and the farther in it goes the louder she gets. Once she starts thinking about her stepdad's cock inside of her is when she cums. Laying back, out of breath, she smiles and knows that now she can go to sleep, when suddenly her stepad walks into her room demanding to know what all the noise is about. She can't think of a lie on the spot to cover up what she was doing so she admits that she was masturbating. Her stepdad lets out a sigh. This is not the first time he's caught her masturbating and at this point he's sure it won't be the last. He doesn't know what to do to make her stop. Rene suggests that perhaps stroking his cock would be a better alternative. At this point he's ready to try anything and if it helps her sleep he supposes he doesn't have a choice. He gets on the bed with her and she pulls down his boxers and starts stroking his cock. To her pleasant surprise it was bigger than she imagined. She loves the way it looks in her tiny hands. She jerks him off, stroking up and down as she stares into his eyes with a cute smile on her lips. His cock begins pulsing in her hands and she instinctively knows he's getting close to cumming. She begs for him to cum and he does so all over her hands. This was exactly what she needed to fall asleep soundly.

Published: Jun 14, 2016

Tags: pov , fetish , vibrator , stepdad , point of view , toy , rene phoenix , job , hand , handjob , 18 years old , fetish wealth , stepdaughter , teen , rene phoenix , handjob video , 18 teen

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