Teen babysitter Melissa gets finger fucked by client


Description: Melissa was waiting for Juan, her client, to get home so she could go see her boyfriend. She already put his baby daughter to sleep so there was nothing for her to do but wait on the couch. She goes on her phone and is looking through her social media accounts only to discover that her boyfriend has been fucking her sister, Suzie. What a way to find out. Make sure to comment, like, and share. Juan arrives and thanks Melissa for everything and is ready to pay her what he owes for her time. While he's counting the money and hands it over he notices something different. He asks if she's alright because she looks like she's upset about something. She tells him her boyfriend dumped her for her sister and Juan is shocked. He's known Melissa and her family for many years and and there's a reason she's called Fat Suzie. She even babysitted for Juan once but it ended in disaster. He's at a loss as to what her boyfriend was thinking when Melissa is so beautiful, responsible, and talented. She smiles at hearing his compliments and the more and more he talked the more she was getting turned on by him. Melissa cuts him off mid-sentence by reaching out and kissing him. Juan is shocked at this and Melissa apologizes. She realizes that she's had it with boys, what she needs is a man. Being a married man with a family doesn't sway Juan from some guaranteed 19 year old tight pussy. He puts her hand up her dress and starts rubbing her clit. She pulls down her panties and lets him stick his fingers inside her. She moans louder and louder with the deeper his hands go. He lifts her legs up in the air and starts to finger fuck her hard and fast. She cums as he continues to fuck her, laying back exhausted as her legs shake. She can't wait to suck his cock, then suddenly there's a honk from outside and it's her mother. She quickly puts on her dress and tells him she'll see him tomorrow to finish what they started.

Published: Jun 14, 2016

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