Cheater is forced to watch his ex fuck another guy


Description: Eric was taking a shower when Helen walked in to ask if he had anymore stuff that he needed laundered. He told he to grab the things on the counter. She always empties out his pockets because he always leaves important receipts or money in them. She found a pair of lace panties that definitely were not hers.Helen had a strong feeling that he was cheating because he has been acting very strange lately. Lots of late night doing “overtime” or all of a sudden hanging out with old friends he never talks to anymore. She placed the panties back in the pants pocket and asked him where he was all night. His reply was “at the bar with some friends.” She went next door and grabbed the cute neighbor that always complementing her. She returned to the bathroom with a pair of handcuffs and asked Eric if he wanted to be fucked right here and right now. After he agreed she cuffed him to the handrail and waved John in. Naturally Eric was confused as to why his neighbor is staring at him naked in the shower. She explained that she found the panties in his pants and if he’s going to cheat she’s going to get even. She tried to make excuses that it must have been a prank but it was too late John had his dick balls deep in Helens mouth. He cursed then both as they fucked in various positions on the floor

Published: Jun 14, 2016

Tags: eric , john , helen , cuckold , make him cuckold , voyeur

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