Nadia Nicole Split in Half, Receives Big Mouthful


Description: This full length HD free porn video featuring Nadia Nicole opens up on the streets of Miami. The BangBros crew meets up with Nadia in a residential neighborhood. She is a skinny, petite spinner wearing tight jeans, boots, a tanktop, and a fashinable windbreaker. She looks black, but her accent and vibe (and big hoop earrings) are 100% Latin. It is cold outside, which is rare in the Sunshine State, and as a result, Nadia's tiny nipples are cold and erect. She pulls down her shirt and shows them off in full public view. She is really nervous. The stud gets hard and whips out his big white dick under a tree so Nadia can play with it. She grabs on and starts stroking it, impressed with its girth. She says she loves it and then bends over to kiss it. They guys take her back to their apartment where they can be free to get more intimate with Ms. Nicole. The heater is on, so she is free to take off her jacket and pop out her small tits. Her nipples are still hard. The stud enters the picture and is promptly disrobed. Nadia takes off her top and starts swallowing the pipe. Homie can barely contain himself, so he springs up and immediately starts jamming his rod in Nadia's tight pussy. His big dick looks like it is going to split her body in half. She is very tiny and looks like she's never eaten a cheeseburger in her life. The big dick stud is easily able to lift her up and manhandle her as he pumps away. When all is said and done, he cums inside her mouth and she swallows the hot load. She is left speechless at the end. This is the biggest dick she's ever had and I think she may be in shock.

Published: Jun 14, 2016

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