Asian cutie Miko Dai gets brutally fucked by stranger


Description: Miko is an adorable Chinese girl that is visiting her friend on vacation. She's always been a morning person and while her friend would more than likely still be sleeping until noon, Miko decides to start the day by going for a morning jog. She already been running for a couple miles when she found a park to run through. It ends up becoming more like a maze with not really being able to see through the dense trees and while looking around she steps in a pothole and twists her ankle. She can barely put pressure on it as she tries to stand up and does her best to get out of the park and back on the main road. When she finally reaches concrete she doesn't recognize the road she's on. Miko was from out of town so she's not familiar with the area and she left her phone at her friend's house. What seems like hours go by as she tries to put a dent in the return journey. Then she sees a white van and waves it down. She runs up to the window and asks the driver, Bruno, if he could please give her a ride. He agrees and asks her where to drop her off, but Miko really has no idea. He tells her that this drive could take a while and he's not into wasting gas. He stops the van and says if he's going to help her he needs something in return. She's all smiles until she realizes what he means. When she refuses, he threatens to throw her out of the van. She puts her hands on his cock and suddenly Bruno grabs her hands and ties them together. Then he picks her up and puts her in the back of the van. He lays her flat on her face and pulls down her yoga pants and starts fucking her hard and fast. Miko moans and grits her teeth as her tight pussy is stretched out. Then Bruno makes her deepthroat his cock before taking her to his sex dungeon where he pounds her mercilessly. Then when he's finally had enough he makes her swallow his cum.

Published: Jun 15, 2016

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