Teen babysitter is fucked while the baby naps


Description: Xander Corvus pretends to be sick so he can stay home and try to fuck the babysitter. When she was walking up the driveway he changed into a robe and put a icepack on his head to appear under the weather. He told her to keep a eye on the baby and try to keep the noise down. Mika kinda had a feeling he was was faking it because she checked in on him a few times to make sure he was ok or if he needed anything. The first time he was breakdancing in front of is mirror and the second time he was playing online video games. After he was caught he joined her on the couch and she directly asked him if he was really sick. Xander stated that it was his house and he didn’t have to justify that with a answer but when he looked over at her immense stare he admitted he was fit as a fiddle. She asked him whats with all the pretending and he told her it was so he could spend time alone with her without his wife getting suspicious. That turned Mila frown upside-down. She gave Xander a great blowjob on the couch. Next he bounced her petite frame on and down on his thick cock. He had to keep a hand over her mouth so she wouldn’t scream and wake the baby

Published: Jun 15, 2016

Tags: xander corvus , mila jade , babysitter , reality junkies

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