Redhead takes hard dick from behind on a boat


Description: Kimberly is on vacation and she rented a nice thirty foot long boat to sail in. She hired a barebones crew so she could have a quiet voyage. Not too long after they set sail she watched the coast become a distant memory. The gentle rock of the boat going over the waves was very relaxing and the fresh ocean air rejuvenated her soul. After the first day she watched the sunrise while sitting on the deck. One off the sailors asked if he could join her so he could try and catch some breakfast. She took a look at his broad shoulders and she told him to fuck her. Right there and right now. He leaned her against the mast and licked her pussy. Next she took his jeans off and gave his pole a good polishing. They fucked all over the deck of the boat, possibly even in front of the captain. Its hard to tell if he was there or not because the control room is heavily tinted. Kimberly looks forward to the rest of her trip, its only the second day and she already feels like a brand new woman

Published: Jun 15, 2016

Tags: wild young honeys , kimberly , outside

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