Russian Attorney blackmails officials with ass and mouth


Description: Luna is a well-respected attorney with many wins under her skirt, She’s defended the hardest criminals Russia has to offer and has a 100 percent success rate, making sure the hardest criminals get off scott free without even paying any fines. Many question her methods and some will say that she has an inside connection but nothing has never been proving. Luna is a very sexy and wealthy woman who has a dark secret that may have something to do with all her victories. Some suggest she pays off judges and other officials with mountains of cash and some even spectate that she’s one of the leaders in the biggest crime organization in her country. The sexy attorney has the biggest case in Russia's history, defending a drug lord, on trial for 69 charges, ranging from transporting to murder and the case is extremely publicized. The prosecution has videos showing the defendant committing heinous criminal acts, even admitting to sending hitmen to assassinate public officials. The prosecution feels they have this one in the bag due to the loads of evidence they have on the guy. Luna begs to differ and calls a meeting with the judge and prosecutor to discuss the legitimacy of the videos that’s going to be used in court. The fast-talking attorney has a trick up her sleeve for the guys, she set up a camera in the location of the private meeting and puts on almost nothing, looking sexy and smelling good. luna is a super freak and uses what she has to get what she want. The horny Russian slut is delighted to have a pair of big hard cocks to play with. She loves getting double penetrated and even wishes she had one more cock to fill every hole at once. The blondes bone sober gives a double blowjob while she’s taking a finger in her asshole , moaning ,sounds of delightment. The guys spread ass and fucked her ass while the other cock is still jammed in her mouth. Her pussy was juicing even before a dick was shoved in her, the horny whore gets off from slowing down cocks and always re

Published: Jun 15, 2016

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