Rock band audition becomes an intense sex play


Description: Mandy Cunttight is the singer in a European rock band who recently lost their guitarist, so they held auditions to find a replacement. Dick harder replied to the ad and showed up ready and willing to give it his all to get in the band. Dick want the best guitarist at the audition but Mandy seemed to be intrigued with his looks and arranged a private session to see if they sound good together. The young musician arrives at her home but quickly finds out, it's another instrument the horny singer wants him to use in this session. Mandy hops on him choking and kissing him but not allowing him to touch her, as she walks out the room and return with duck tape. The singer is in control, ties up the band hopeful and drops to her knees, pulling out his hard cock, spitting and blowing the instrument of choice. The helpless Dick is trying to handle the awesome feeling of her mouth licking and smacking his dick on her wet tongue. The feeling is so over whelming, Dick break the tape, pick her up and puts her flat on her back, spreads her legs and licks her pussy like ice-cream, turns her over and suck her asshole occasionally fingering her. Mandy pussy is shave ad pretty, Dick is over powered with lust and can't wait to slide his cock in her perfect pussy raw dawg. The red head cock snatcher rides him to paradise, moving and twisting her round ass in ways he's never seen or felt before. Dick turns her over and fucks her hard yet passionate making her scream to the top of her lungs with pleasure. They both cum at the same time as Mandy locks him in to take a load in her soaking wet pussy. The two make great music together and he definitely is the new band member. They share a cigarette after the intense orgasmic fuck fest, kissing and smoking , both in awe of each other's abilities and completely satisfied with the sexual experience.

Published: Jun 15, 2016

Tags: bondage , rock band , lucie makes porn , lucie makes porn , audition , rock band

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