Tiny teen Elsa fucks stepbrother to keep him quiet


Description: My stepsister need money from me and couldn't ask our parents. When you can't go to your parents, naturally you ask your sibling for help, especially if it's a secret. But she's not my sister, she's my stepsister. So I don't really share that bond. For the first time ever she walked into my room and said she needed a couple hundred dollars and on top of that couldn't tell me what for. She just graduated high school and she doesn't have a job. There is no way she'll be able to pay me back and yet she still has the audacity to continue begging. I figure there's a way she can pay me back. I tell her to get naked and suck my dick. She's shocked and refuses but after telling her this is the only way it's going to happen she agrees. After cumming in her mouth I give her the cash and she runs out. Since then I've been finding any excuse I can to get her to keep sucking my cock. I was spying on her because she was being suspicious about something and sure enough I found a pregnancy test in her trash can. I confronted her about it and she denied that it was hers. Apparently she got rid of it for a friend, because she didn't want her parents to find out. I know my sister, and she wouldn't care enough about her friends do this. I tell her that I'm going to tell mom and dad unless she gets on her knees and gives me what I want. She can't believe that I'm doing this again and she's sick of it but I can tell that she enjoys choking on my huge dick. Only this time I don't just want her mouth, but her pussy too. She keeps trying to negotiate, first for a minute then two minutes but this isn't a negotiation. I want her pussy for as long as I want. I bend her over the living room couch and go balls deep in her tight pussy. Stretching it out as she looks at me with her big doe eyes. Once I'm done I put my dick in her mouth and make her swallow my cum. Don't worry sis, I can keep a secret.

Published: Jun 16, 2016

Tags: deepthroat , teen , elsa jean , stepsister

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