Lesbian lovers have sex during Pin Up videoshoot


Description: A pair of Pin Up gals are looking to expand their business and recruit more girls. While they are going over how much money they're making they gossip about who is sleeping with who. The girl they were counting on for the latest video shoot is dating a man they know well. Let's just say he has a short fuse and she's afraid to do the video and he find out. The girls understand her situation and honestly don't want to get involved. But they also know the guy's sister, Valentina, and they know she's down for anything. That shapely body of hers is exactly what they're looking so this could of ended up being a blessing in disguise. They also recruit the adorable Prinzzess, and are able to book both girls for the same day. After a successful photoshoot, the owner talks to Valentina in private about other ways to make more money. She opens a suitcase and pulls out photos of naked lingerie models. Valentina is shocked, and so turned on. She agrees to do it and asks if she could keep the photos. They're not easy to come across and she would love to save them for later when she's alone at night. The owner tells her she'll think about it and gives her a new corset to wear. Valentina is shy about getting naked in front of her, but lets her pull off her clothes to try on the lingerie. Valentina's never had a woman touch her like she has before. They join Prinzzess in the other room and the girls start to pose for the camera while the owner takes the shots she wants. The owner then brings out a video camera and has Valentina use a vibrator on Prinzzess. Prinzzess starts to moan. She's shy about making noise but the owner tells her not to worry and she can be as loud as she wants. Once the camera stops rolling the girls forget they're in a studio and keep going. The owner leaves the room quietly to give them privacy. Valentina and Prinnzess get completely naked and lick each other's pussies and finger each other until they both cum and fall asleep in each other's arms.

Published: Jun 16, 2016

Tags: valentina nappi , vibrator , lesbians , big natural tits

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