Flashing My Dick to Unsuspecting Bystander in Public


Description: Hey everyone, I am back with another hidden camera flashing video for you. I had some time to kill on my lunch break, so I turned my phone into a spycam and drove around looking for a girl on the street. It is a lot more difficult than it sounds haha. When I do spot a target, they are usually on the other side of the street, or they see me coming from a mile away and avoid me, or they are just not friendly. Lucky for me, I found a pretty good one today. I opened with my favorite line: "Sorry miss, I just lost my labrador. I just lost my god." Girls love animals, especially dogs, so I am usually pretty successful with that opener. In this case, it worked like a charm. The pretty Latina walked up to my car and noticed the dick in my hand right away. She was shocked and suprised, but she did not run away. When they don't flee, that always eases my nerves and gets me even more excited. She told me she didn't see any dogs... LOL why do they always think I am actually looking for a dog? Like seriously who searches for dogs while masturbating in a car? That's not normal. She asked me a bunch of questions about my missing dog while staring at my dick as I jerked off. I made up a bunch of bullshit and even gave my dog a name: Lilly. Who knows, maybe she was playing me? Maybe she was a freak and wanted to get some action... She told me I had a nice dick and leaned into the car. That of course made me even hornier. I asked her to watch me finish playing with myself and she played coy but I knew she wanted to watch. My dick got harder and I started beating off faster and harder until I came all over my shirt. She said, "Oh wow, that's nice. Hope you find your dog. Have a nice day," and then left. I am happy calling that a success story. But now I gotta go clean my shirt before I head back to work. Oh, crap.

Published: Jun 20, 2016

Tags: hidden camera , jasmine king , flashing , jasmine king

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