I fucked my stepbrother after giving him a massage


Description: Karlee has a crush on her stepbrother Ryan. Ever since they're parents got married he's all she thinks about. One day she's on a phone date with her best friend and they start taking about boys and Karlee feels the need to tel her about her crush but she's nervous. Her friend promises she won't judge so Karlee confesses that it's her stepbrother. They technically aren't related so she doesn't see a problem with it and they both admit that he is really hot. Karlee really wants to seduce him but doesn't know how because she always gets nervous around him. Her friend knows that Karlee as been taking massage classes so suggests that she offer her stepbrother a massage. Karlee takes out the massage table and puts it in the living room and lays down on it wearing nothing but a bra and panties. Leaving a perfect view for when he walks through the door. When he arrives he's surprised to see her and confused. She explains that she's waiting for a friend to give him a massage and she's almost naked because she doesn't see the big deal. She wasn't expecting him to be home so soon. He shrugs it off and tells her he's going upstairs to lie down because he hurt his shoulder. Karlee suggests giving him the massage instead. Ryan finds it awkward because she's almost naked and Karlee doesn't get why. She's his stepsister, he shouldn't be turned on. He goes into the other room and comes back with a towel and lays face down on the table. Once the massage is underway, Karlee starts talking to Ryan about her boobs. She pulls them out and asks him if he thinks they are too big and makes him feel them. He can't understand what's happening but goes with it and starts to get hard. He's embarrassed but she tells him it's ok. That's what she wants. She starts stroking his cock and then starts sucking it while playing with his balls. Then he fucks her on the massage table in all kinds of positions before cumming all over her tits. He already wants to schedule his next appointment.

Published: Jun 18, 2016

Tags: karlee grey , massage , big tits , stepsister

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