Big ass Abella fucks employee on top of daddy's car


Description: It's Abella's birthday and her dad is giving her his red sports car convertible as a gift. He sends Marco, his most trusted employee to take her over to the car and give her the rundown of what to do with it before she takes off. Marco starts going over the paperwork and the rules of the car with Abella but she tells him it's not that big a deal. She's only going to take the car to the beach with her boyfriend Danny, and then drive back. Marco is surprised to hear this. He hadn't heard of Danny before. Abella says they've only been dating for a couple months. He asks her if her boyfriend treats her right and while Abella starts to explain that Danny hasn't been that chivalrous lately, Marco starts to fantasize about Abella and her tits. He's always wanted her and imagines Abella telling him how much she desires him and wants his big strong hands all over her. He snaps out of it and he catches the tail end of what she way saying. Apparently Danny is arrogant and doesn't care about Abella's feelings. Marco says that's terrible and begins to explain what a man should do for a woman. Hearing him talk starts to make Abella fantasize about him. She imagines him playing with her big ass. Slapping each cheek until she's red and burying his face in pussy. She snaps back to reality and realizes Marco is the guy she wants to be with. She climbs over the car and jumps into his arms. Their desire takes over them both and they pull off each other's clothes. Abella gets on her knees to suck Marco's big cock and she gags as Marco pulls her by the hair and fucks her face. Then he sits her on the back of the car spreads her legs to eat her pussy. Then he inserts his cock inside her and starts to fuck her right there on top of the car. After fucking in a couple more positions she rides his cock until she cums, making the car bounce up and down along with her big ass. Then she gets back on her knees again to take Marco's hot load all over her face.

Published: Jun 20, 2016

Tags: big ass , outdoors , big cock , abella danger

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