Latina teen screws neighbor after hitting him with car


Description: Nikki isn't what you would call a good girl and whenever her parents take her dad's car out, she always ends up driving her mom's car without them knowing. She's so small that she needs to put a cushion on the seat to be able to see over the dashboard. Her neighbor across the street, Sean, sees this all the time and shakes his head in disgust. One day he's walking home and finds that his mailbox and been run over. He looks across the street and sees a dent in the front of the car. He knows it was that bratty teen and confronts her about it when she walks out of the house. She tells him so what, she's not going to fix anything and he can't prove she did anything wrong. Sean threatens to tell her parents what she's been up to if she doesn't fix the mailbox. Nikki tells him to go ahead, it's his word against hers and why wouldn't they believe their only daughter. She gets in the car and almost runs him over as she's leaving. This gives Sean an idea. A couple days pass and he sees Nikki leaving the house, so he gets in front of it and pretends to get hit. Nikki looks out the passenger window in shock. She runs over to him, laying on the ground, and asks if he's ok. He says his leg is all messed up and she says she's so sorry and that she's sorry about the mailbox. Nikki helps him inside and sits him down on the couch. She offers him some water, an icepack, or maybe even a massage. She starts rubbing his leg and he tells her that feels good and to keep going. As Nikki continues to rub his leg she admits that she's always thought he was cute. Sean is surprised by this and his cock immediately gets erect. She is so surprised by how big it is and pulls down his shorts to give in a blowjob. She gags trying to deepthroat it but at 18 years old she hasn't sucked too many big dicks. Then Sean fucks her in many different positions before blowing his load all over her face. She needs to hurry up and get cleaned up before her parents get home.

Published: Jun 20, 2016

Tags: big ass , nikki kay , latina , nikki kay , teen

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