Blonde teen Amanda Tate seduces her sister's boyfriend


Description: Amanda was bored at home. Switching from channel to channel on the TV with nothing good to watch. She hears a knock at the door ands finds that it's her older sister's boyfriend. She tells him that her sister isn't here and remembers something about a big test that she had to take today at school. This leaves him confused, why would he get a text from her saying to come over if she isn't here. Amanda has no idea about this but tells him that he's welcome to stay until she gets out which should be within the hour. He agrees and they both sit on the couch and start flipping through the channels together. He can't help but notice what she's wearing, he doesn't remember her parents approving of small skirts and tube tops. Amanda gets away with a lot more than her older sister. That's how it works with being the baby of the family. But now that she's 18 she's not a baby anymore. She asks him what he thinks of her outfit and he feels uncomfortable because she's practically naked. Amanda just laughs it off and tells him that she's going to her room. If he needs anything at all, don't hesitate to come up. Once in her room she takes off her skirt and gets on the bed and covers herself with a blanket. A couple minutes later he knocks on her door and lets himself in. He tells her he's going to go because her sister is taking too long. Amanda says she just got a text from her saying she's twenty minutes away. He got a text from her sister saying otherwise. Amanda admits the reason she said that is because she wants to fuck him. He tells her if her sister catches them they're both dead, but Amanda doesn't plan on telling her. She has a better body than her sister anyways. After some hot foreplay he lays down on the bed and has her get on top to ride his cock. Then after getting fucked in many different positions and cumming multiple times, Amanda gets a huge facial. She loves being covered in his cum and tells him to think of this moment the next time he's with her sister.

Published: Jun 20, 2016

Tags: amanda tate , cheating , face fuck , teen

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