Skinny Teen Cece Capella Power Fucked During Casting


Description: 18 year old Cece Capella walked into my office wearing a short striped dress with multiple colors on it. She had a cute face, and long skinny legs. She had many nicklaces and bracelets on which further contributed to her already youthful appearance. She tells the Hoes in Headlights camera that she is already in college and is about to graduate. She skipped a bunch of grades because she is super smart, but not when it comes to finance! As it turns out, she has a lot of loans and debts that need to be paid off, and she is hoping that porn can be her ticket to financial freedom. This girl is a go-getter, and she knows her multiplication table really well--I know because I quizzed her on the spot! She has all-natural D-cups tht look incredible. She pops them out for the camera and shows off her tan lines and puffy nipples. She took the rest of her clothes off and showed me her skinny, flawless body. She is smooth and young, with perfect skin and a hairless, blemish-free body. I bent her over and ate her pussy. It tasted so sweet and delicious. She sucked my big dick and almost fit it entirely in her mouth... NOT! When it was time to take that pussy for a spin, I laid her on my desk and jammed my cock balls deep inside of her. To my surprise, it went all the way in. This girl must be a whore! I wrapped my hands around her neck and choked her a bit as I slammed my dick against her coochie. I fucked her in many positions on the couch and on the floor. We had a great time and I gave her a nasty facial. She ran off to the bathroom to clean up and I asked her to send the next girl in. My work for BangBros is never done. Hope you enjoyed this free porn video (episode hih14570).

Published: Jun 24, 2016

Tags: cece capella , casting , teen

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