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Description: Yana was playing word association game on Brian’s tablet. Notifications kept appearing while she was playing and it became very distracting. She exited the app and noticed it was messenger notifications from some girl she never heard of. She opened a few of the messages and they contained pictures of Brian having sex with her. Yana figured is he’s going to cheat she will too but he’s going to watch her do it. She found Brianin the kitchen and asked him to finish doing the dishes later because she’s feeling really horny. Yana tied him up to one of the chairs and just when Brian figured she was going to suck his dick she showed his the pictures she found on his table. Willie walked in shortly after and told Brian that he is going to fuck his sexy girlfriend on the kitchen table while he watches. Yana pulled Willies pants down and started stroking his cock. Brian couldn’t believe what was happening but was powerless to stop her. He was securely tied to the chair and couldn’t move. She taught him a powerful lesson while he watched her getting fucked in several positions. Whatever he can do she can do better

Published: Jun 21, 2016

Tags: cuckold , euro , make him cuckold , voyeur

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