My step-niece made me cum while home alone


Description: I was falling on hard times and I needed to move in with my brother. Thank goodness he was able to help me. He's a good hearted man and he knows that I wouldn't have asked if I had any other choice. That's what brothers are for and he knows I'd do the same for him. I really haven't been around as much since he got married and has his own family to take care of. The last time I saw his step-daughter, Claire, she was just starting the 6th grade and now she's 18 years old. My how time flies. She's definitely turned into a beautiful young lady. Sunday morning we spent our first time alone together in the house. My brother and his wife go to mass every weekend but they don't take Claire. They respect her decision to not have the same belief system as them and they do the same for me. I'm on the couch watching the football game when Claire asks me for help hanging a large picture frame in her room. She just needed a second opinion as to whether or not it was straight. It can get confusing when you have a slanted ceiling so she just wanted to make sure she did it right. I told her I'd meet her there in a couple minutes once the game goes to halftime. When I walk into her room, there she is wearing nothing but her panties. I'm speechless as she grabs my hand and my cock and brings me over to her bed. She tells me that she's always wanted me since she could remember and now that she's old enough she can do something about it. She pulls down my pants and starts stroking my cock with her tiny hands. Then she starts using her mouth which makes me harder still. It grows while inside her and she chokes as she takes it out and looks at it with new eyes. She giggles and begins to stroke it again. Then Claire turns around and starts to rub my cock against her soft ass before continuing to stroke it again. She tells me she wants to pump every last drop of cum out of me and onto her hands. She starts to stroke faster and faster until she gets her wish. I can't wait till next Sunday.

Published: Jun 21, 2016

Tags: fetish , handjob , stepniece , stepniece , claire heart

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