Big Ass Brazilian Suzan Hot Fucked on My Life In Brazil


Description: "The BangBros crew is hanging out on a beach in Brazil playing football and having a great time when they notice a fly Latin honey sitting alone by herself. They stage an accident to interact with the pretty Brazilian girl with long black hair. It works and they succeed in grabbing her attention. She stands up to reveal the skimpiest bikini they've ever seen. Her g-string is clear and almost looks invisible. It looks like she is completely butt naked. The guys lay down the mack but she doesn't speak English, so it is very difficult communicate, but they manage to convince her to go back to the hotel room with them. Her bikini top effortlessly slides off while sitting on the bed. She has small tits with little brown nipples, but they look great on her tan and curvy body. Her ass, however, is quite big and round. She has some noticeable stretch marks on her butt, but they look good on her in a kind of animalistic way. She has braces on her teeth, and a pierced clit. This girl is a freak, no doubt! Tony, the stud, has a blast playing with her ass. She then begins to suck his dick. Is there a more universal language than oral sex? I think not. She is eager to please and seeks Tony's approval, which he supportingly provides. Tony wraps his dick up with a condom (safety first) and begins fucking that fine buceta Brasileira. There is no doubt these two are having a hell of a lot of fun. This really makes me want to book a trip to Brasil. If it wasn't for that Zika bullshit, I totally would! But for now, I guess I will just have to live vicariously through Tony. After he takes Suzan Hot in multiple positions, he pulls the rubber off of his dick and cums in her mouth. She puts his dick in her mouth and swallows it all, and leaves Tony's dick nice and clean in the process. That about wraps things up. I hope you enjoyed this full-length free porn from My Life in Brazil (episode mb6721) as much as I did. "

Published: Jun 27, 2016

Tags: brazil , suzan hot , big ass , suzan hot

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