Superhero Stacked Widow butt fucked by Hardon


Description: In this riveting part 2 of a three-part series epic, follow Stacked Widow (played by the marvelous Marsha May) as she tracks down Bony Stark's mega fuck machine - the Hardon. In part one Bony Stark’s was working on an ultimate fucking machine named harden, create by him in his lab with a super power oversized cock. Stacked Widow gave Bony a super deep throat blowjob that sucked him straight to sleep. When she made him bust his load, it sprayed on the equipment and caused a strange reaction, leading to waking up the Hardon. The Hardon jumps up and runs out the lab, putting Stacked widow to a chase. She runs fast and eventually spots him in a secluded area and calls for backup, but with the Assvengers are nowhere to be found. She’s hot on his trail ended up in a place full of dildos and porn, cornering the Hardon until his super power overwhelms her. She does what it takes to keep the Hardon at bay by taking the ever famous Bruce Jenner cock rapid-fire in her ass, pussy and mouth, Watch the Hardon splooge and escape into the shadows, as Bony Stark prepares the Assvengers for their final battle!!! Stay tuned for part 3

Published: Jun 22, 2016

Tags: super hero , wank tv , superhero , assvengers

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